Q:  Do you provide same day service?
ALTERATIONS:  Same day service available
DRY CLEANING:  Drop off by 3pm, pick up next day after 3pm

Q:  I bought a prom dress that is 3-4 sizes smaller than what I actually wear.  Can you fix it?
A:  YES!  Any formal dress that is a few inches tighter can be let out with extra fabric.
If the dress is a couple of sizes smaller and you cannot zip it up, I can take out the zipper and make the dress into a beautiful corset style where you can adjust it however you’d like.

Q:  I have my uniform inspection tomorrow, so I need to have my military patch and name tags done ASAP.  If I bring them in today, how soon can I pick them up?
A:  For military patches, you can pick them up on the same day, in one hour.
For name tags, you can pick them up on the same day or next day depending on the drop-off time.

Q:  Can you hem duct tape material like overall bibs?
A:  YES!  If it’s similar to leather or simply duct tape material, then I can do it.
If it’s super heavy material, then I would have to first see and then let you know.

Q:  I cannot fit into some of my favorite clothes because I lost weight.  I want to take in a couple of inches for now, but in case I gain some of the weight back, can you fix it again?
A:  YES!  I can always keep the fabric and add it back for the perfect fit.  You won’t even notice that it has visited my store.

Q:  Do you take body measurements?
A:  YES!  I can take your measurements for an order that you need.

Q:  Do you custom design and make clothes?
A:  No, I only service alterations.

Q:  Do you do any upholstery repairs?
A:  Unfortunately, no.

Q:  Do you do any shoe repairs?
A:  Unfortunately, no.

Q:  What payment methods do you accept?
A:  We accept cash, checks, and all major credit and debit cards except American Express.